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Hello! My name is Amanda Ciprich, and I am the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist behind Wholesome Roots RD! My interest for nutrition began when I was diagnosed with type one diabetes my senior year of high school. After my diagnosis, I was afraid of eating “bad” (I say “bad” because there are no “bad” or “good” foods for diabetes) because I wanted my blood sugars to be perfect all the time. I soon realized that there was so much more to life than perfect blood sugars. I felt anxious around foods that I loved because I was afraid my sugars would be out of range- so I didn’t eat them FOR YEARS. Until one day, I decided to have one of those said “bad” foods and you know what happened? My sugars were absolutely FINE, but my mind felt so much more relaxed. My diagnosis taught me how to enjoy all foods wholeheartedly and to nourish my mind and body.

I believe that when we eat it should not only be an opportunity to nourish our bodies. Whether it is cooking new meals or trying new foods, it should come from a low-stress environment. You have the right to have fun when you are eating and nourish your self at the same time. Once I started focusing on the whole eating experience, I found that I was no longer anxious around food and was able to control my blood sugars without giving up foods that I love. I am very passionate about what I do because I understand what it is like to feel trapped in a mundane eating pattern and giving up foods that you love. With my services, I will help you feel confident in your food choices and create a happier, healthier lifestyle!


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